Find My Landroid

Secure, trackable and connected – WA0862

Track your Landroid with GPS if it gets stolen. Included
cellular module with 3-year pre-paid SIM.

RRP: $499.00

Find my Landroid protects your Landroid from theft using GPS and a mobile data signal. Find my Landroid allows you to remotely lock your robot mower and track it. Thanks to the pre-paid SIM with mobile data, this accessory also eliminates the need for Wi-Fi or RadioLink, allowing your Landroid to stay connected all the time. Buy Find my Landroid now and keep your Landroid safe and connected.

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Easy installation

Just plug Find my Landroid into its slot onboard your Landroid and secure it with the supplied anti-tamper screw, after the Landroid app has confirmed it is working properly.

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